Step-by-step Love My Money Journeys

We have a number of online Journeys to help with kiwis' most common financial goals and problems, including lifestyle changes. They can be saved, edited, customised and completed at a time that suits you. They've been proven to help people get ahead financially and feel better about money!

Life Happens … and We Are Here to Help!

Significant life events nearly always have a financial impact. You don’t want unnecessary stress and worry about money getting in the way or making it harder than it needs to be.

We’ve picked out four common life events and provide you with useful information and tools for each of them. You’ll feel so much better if you’re clear about where you’re at and prepared financially for what’s ahead.

Don't know where to start?

Learn your Money Profile and see which Journey to start with!

Romeo & Juliet... Harry & Meghan... You & your money

Get on track to living happily ever after with the help of our Journeys. Start changing the way you feel about your money for FREE or get one of our subscriptions to access lots more stuff.


  • Access to our financial wellbeing guidance, including videos and eGuides
  • Learn what your money profile is
  • Receive insightful and thought provoking easy-to-read emails to support your financial wellbeing
  • Access to our carefully chosen product providers for extra help

  • Access to our financial wellbeing guidance, including videos and eGuides
  • Access to all step-by-step interconnected Journeys
  • Each Journey will provide you with personalised insights and a tailored action plan to help you get ahead
  • Achieve multiple financial goals simultaneously
  • View all of your finances in one place
  • Add new financial goals and take action to get ahead financially
  • Review, amend and update as your financial position changes
  • Access to our carefully chosen financial product providers for extra help

As seen on The AM Show

Love My Money CEO, Tracey Hunter will be sharing tips to financial success. Keep an eye out for fortnightly updates!


As Seen on The AM Show

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When Should You Borrow Money?

When does borrowing money become the right decision?

How to Change your Budgeting Mindset

Create a budget that pays the bills and still allows you to have fun!

For employers

Learn how supporting employee financial wellbeing pays off with Love My Money.

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All Love My Money staff live in New Zealand and come from all walks of life. Founded in 2008, the company co-founders are currently the CEO and development leaders and are based in Auckland and Christchurch.