Our mission is to help you to change the way you feel about money. We will do this by introducing you to a range of plain English, inter-connected, self-help step-by-step Journeys. Our Journeys address Kiwi’s most common financial problems and goals, and include debt reduction, budgeting, saving up for spending (rather than getting into debt) and retirement planning. If, or when, the time is right we have financial product partners available for you to speak to for personal advice.


Co-founder and CEO, Tracey Hunter, has worked in the NZ financial sector for 25 years+ and has seen too many people in financial strife, with very poor financial knowledge, and also unaware that changing behaviour a little could have a significant positive impact. So, she decided to do something about it, co-founding, what is now known as, Love My Money in 2008.

We Understand

New Zealand has a real problem with debt. Household debt levels continue to rise, making the thought of retirement a very scary one for many people. Easy access to retail credit is all around us and that combined with significant life events means too many people are getting into difficult financial situations. Financial stress has a direct impact on our physical and mental health, and our performance at work. It’s in New Zealand’s and all New Zealander’s best interest for all of us to feel better about money by taking control of our financial lives. Love My Money can help with that.

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