Busting Mortgage Myths

Learn the truth behind the biggest mortgage myths.

Journey - Pay off My Home Loan (Coming Soon)

Love My Money has a number of online step-by-step Journeys to help you with the most common financial goals and problems.

Journeys can be saved, edited, customised and completed later. They've been proven to help people get ahead financially and feel better about money!

You can access our Journeys via our Standard subscription.


Mortgage 101: What First Time Home Buyers Should Know

Get advice on what to keep in mind when buying your first home.

Introduction to Loan Types

Learn the different loan types and see which one fits your plans.


Having a go at Home Renovations

Thinking about a bit of DIY to save a few bucks? Read more...

Home Loan 101

Jump start your way to getting your first home loan. Read more...

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