Saving Up for Spending Journey

This Journey will help you plan for things you want and need in the future … and in doing so, avoid taking on debt e.g. car replacement, start of school year costs and sports fees.

Love My Money has a number of online step-by-step Journeys to help you with the most common financial goals and problems.

Journeys can be saved, edited, customised and completed later. They've been proven to help people like you get ahead financially and feel better about money!

What's Included in this Journey

Save up instead of getting into debt

Buy the things you want without worrying about debt

Your savings plan

See how much you need to save each month

Stay worry-free with zero interest payments

No debt means no interest payments to worry about

Plan Ahead to Avoid Debt

Identify and plan for the things you need or want to spend money on in the future. The Journey takes into account expected timing of purchases and money already set aside. You will get a tailored action plan showing how much you need to set aside each month, including changes as purchases are made.

If you don't think you can set aside the amount you need, simply extend the timing, the amount you need OR take a look at your budget and make adjustments to allow for the savings required.

Save up for the things you want

The Saving Up for Spending Journey helps you save up for the things you want without getting into debt.

Get a simple, personalised savings plan

Get a monthly savings plan and see how much you need to set aside based on how soon you want to purchase the things you want.