Get on Top of Short-term Debt Journey

This brief but powerful Journey will help you get rid of debt as fast as possible, including seeing the benefit of cascading and increasing payments.

Love My Money has a number of online step-by-step Journeys to help you with the most common financial goals and problems.

Journeys can be saved, edited, customised and completed later. They've been proven to help people like you get ahead financially and feel better about money!

What's Included in this Journey

Pay-off multiple debts

See which debts to pay-off first

Get rid of debt faster

Pay debts faster with Extra Payments

Get a personalised plan

See by which month each debt will be paid off

Get Rid of Your Debt!

Getting rid of your debt as quickly as possible should be a priority for everyone. Not only will it save you money but will also save you time … that’s time and money you could use to do something productive.

Get yourself a tailored plan to get out of debt as quickly as possible … and as your situation changes over time, update your information to stay on top and keep feeling good about money.

Tackle multiple debts with ease

The Short Term Debt Journey is designed to help you pay off multiple debts by showing you which one to pay off first.

Pay off your debts faster

See how much faster you can pay off your debts by adding an Extra Payment.

Get a personalised repayment plan

See when each debt gets paid off with the built-in repayment plan.