What I'm Worth Journey

This Journey illustrates how much your net worth could grow years down the track.

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What's Included in this Journey

Get an overview of your assets

List down your assets and get a clear view of what you own

Review your current debts

Get an overview of how much you current owe

Make adjustments and grow your wealth

Review your assets and see what you can improve to grow your wealth

Visualise your future net worth

Plan for the financial future you want to have. Our What I'm Worth Journey helps you list down all of your assets and debts so you can see what your net worth could look like years down the track.

All our Journeys are interconnected, which means you won’t need to enter the same information twice, as it will automatically populate. This ensures consistency and of course saves you time!

List down your assets

List down your assets and see how much these could grow in the future

Review your current debts

Visualise how much of an impact your debts will have when it comes to forecasting your future net worth

Visualise your future net worth

Our Net Worth graph illustrates how much your assets could grow years down the track