You may be worried about the dreaded combination of a drop in income and increased costs. Some preparation is essential to help you get through this exciting but financially challenging time.

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Debt Consolidation: Getting the Monkey off Your Back

Do your best to get rid of consumer debt before the baby arrives.

'Buy Now Pay Later' ... Regret it Later?

Think carefully before putting baby gear on tick.

Create a Savings Plan

Raising a family doesn’t come cheap … start preparing as soon as possible!


Having a Baby

See all the good tips here first! 

Women and Money

Be aware that women can be at more risk financially.  Read more...

Interest Free Deals

Get yourself a budget that actually works … we’ll show you how. Read more...

The AM Show videos

How to Change Your Budgeting Mindset

Create a simple and positive budgeting system that pays the bills but doesn’t take all the fun out of your life.

Why You Need a Three Month Cash Reserve

This is very daunting for many people, but it’s incredibly important.

Expert Tips for Getting Out of Debt

Do your best to get rid of consumer debt before the baby arrives.

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My Budget

Create a budget plan and prepare your finances for the baby!

Get on Top of Short-Term Debt

Get your short-term debt under control before having a baby.

Prepare for Financial Shocks

Start planning for inevitable costs that could otherwise really hurt.

My Mortgage Play

Compare different mortgage structures to see what's best for you.